Projects – Indoor Cultivation

Michael D. Haughey, P.E., CEM, HBDP, LEED AP, Principal

Grow Facility, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Provided expert investigation and report of existing chilled water system that is unstable and unable to maintain temperature and humidity per Owner’s requirements.  Completed a conceptual design to add low temperature stability, additional capacity, and the ability to control both temperature and humidity down to 50%RH at 72F.

Grow Facility, Denver, Colorado

Provided conceptual design and cost opinions for replacements, additions, and modifications to HVAC systems for use in expert investigation.

Infinite Harvest, Denver, Colorado

Analysis and design for indoor multi-level salad greens grow facility.  Design included irrigation system, HVAC with liquid desiccant dehumidification, plumbing, and controls sequence.  Separate designs for 296 sq. ft. prototype and 7,350 sq. ft. prototype.  Performed monitoring and analysis in first phase for verification of plant and irrigation moisture loads.

BotanaCare, Northglenn, Colorado

Design of HVAC and plumbing for indoor grow facility.  Design included analysis of lighting and plant expiration and irrigation moisture loads; provisions for dehumidification and carbon filtering of exhaust air; ventilation of under-roof space to mitigate moisture issues.