Century Elementary School, Aurora, Colorado – Renovation of HVAC system

Mechanical design for 50,000 sq. ft. elementary school HVAC system renovation and upgrade.  Systems include new high efficiency condensing boilers, chilled water, and replacement of pneumatic controls with digital.  An alternate design was provided for a ground-coupled heat pump system that was ultimately not selected.  The system utilized central air handling units located in rooftop penthouses.

The new systems were installed in existing spaces that were very tight.  Upgrades included premium efficiency motors, the addition of CO2 controls, VFDs (variable frequency drives), and air-side economizers to improve ventilation and reduce energy consumption of fan motors and heating and cooling systems.  Additional energy savings are achieved with heating water supply temperature reset and night set-back controls.

Existing baseboard radiation was refurbished rather than replaced;  this not only saved project cost; it also resulted in fewer materials ending up in a land-fill.

We sealed dozens of holes through fire rated corridor walls above the ceiling and refurbished ductwork, piping, and insulation.