Silvertip Integrated Engineering Consultants – Representative Projects

USDA Human Nutrition Research Laboratory Energy Study, Grand Forks, ND,

Performed site investigation, testing, energy analyses, and documentation and report as a sub-consultant to E-Cube, Inc.  This 79,806 gsf facility houses laboratory, office, vivarium, and volunteer studies spaces.  The value of the recommended measures exceeded $1,000,000 with a return on investment (ROI) of 14.9% per year (simple payback of 6.7 years).  Low / no cost measures recommended exceeded a value of sum of $280,000 with a return on investment (ROI) of 38.3% per year (simple payback of 2.6 years).

Infinite Harvest, Denver, Colorado.

Analysis and design for indoor multi-level salad greens grow facility.  Design included irrigation system, HVAC with desiccant dehumidification, plumbing, and controls sequence.  Separate designs for 296 sq. ft. prototype and 7,350 sq. ft. prototype.  Performed monitoring and analysis in first phase for verification of plant and irrigation moisture loads.

BotanaCare, Northglenn, Colorado. 

Design of HVAC and plumbing for indoor grow facility.  Design included analysis of lighting and plant expiration and irrigation moisture loads; provisions for dehumidification and carbon filtering of exhaust air; ventilation of under-roof space to mitigate moisture issues.

Silver Sage Village – Radiant heating, domestic solar hot water, and DX cooling

Mechanical and plumbing design for co-housing project with high efficiency condensing boilers to provide heating through baseboard radiation with radiant floors as a unit upgrade option, and split-system DX for optional cooling.  Winner of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society Building Award in the Residential category.

Rigden Lodge – Shambhala Mountain Center – Radiant heating and domestic solar hot water

Mechanical and plumbing design for meditation, dormitory, and multi-purpose project with high efficiency condensing boilers to provide heating through baseboard radiation with radiant floors in specific areas.

Teller County Courthouse Boiler Replacement, Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Investigation of replacement options for 110 year old steam boiler serving a 32,000 sq. ft. historic courthouse.  Prime consultant and mechanical design for selected replacement option.

Century Elementary School, Aurora, Colorado – Renovation of HVAC system

Mechanical design for 50,000 sq. ft. elementary school HVAC system renovation and upgrade.  Systems include new high efficiency condensing boilers, chilled water, and replacement of pneumatic controls with digital.

2-Paths to Sustainable Net Zero Residential Retrofit – Golden, Colorado

Net-Zero Existing Residences Renovation Studies – Co-authored two studies for Golden, Colorado.  The first detailed a road map for attaining net-zero energy in existing residences in Golden.  The Second study produced a guide for Golden  homeowners considering energy upgrades and used two fictional families to illustrate the choices.

Golden Cemetery Sustainable, Historical Office – Golden, Colorado

Mechanical and plumbing design for small office including ground-source heat pumps system that we tested and verified performance at 18.7 EER and 6.1 COP in October, 4.6 COP in April, 23.5 EER in July.

Denver Place – LEED for Existing Buildings (EB) pilot project

LEED Accredited Professional for LEED for Existing Buildings (EB) pilot project under sub-contract to E-Cube, Inc.  Project comprises a full city block in downtown Denver including two office towers, 34 and 23 stories each, connected by two-six level Terraces, comprising 815,000 gross square feet.  Project has been awarded a LEED EB Gold rating and was the first LEED EB, and first LEED Gold, in Colorado.

Palmer Ridge High School

Peer review for new high school.  Systems include ground-coupled heat pumps, energy recovery ventilation, and a variety of measures intended to make this school one of the lowest energy use high schools in the State.

Indian Hills Net Zero Home

Mechanical design for a new net zero residence.  Systems include solar thermal heating (domestic hot water, space heat), interface with PV solar, energy recovery, variable speed main fan system, radiant floor heating, sun-space heat transfer.  Achieved a HERS rating of “0”.

Schriever Data Center troubleshooting

Peer review and analysis of mechanical design and installation during commissioning.  The system included chilled water with ice thermal storage.  Results of analysis included development of remediation design to increase capacity and reliability of a high-criticality facility.

Solar Harvest House – Net Zero Energy Home Consultation

Mechanical consultation for a net-zero energy home in Boulder Colorado.  Systems consultation include ground-coupled “cool tube” for outside air pre-heat and pre-cooling, passive solar heat transfer from sun space to interior, and distribution of ventilation air from heat recovery to interior spaces.

Sedalia Residence – Radiant and ground-coupled heat pump heating and cooling

Mechanical and plumbing design for residence using ground-coupled heat pumps to provide heating and cooling through radiant floors, energy recovery ventilator for fresh air, whole house fans for moderate weather ventilation, and supplemental fan-coils for dehumidification.  Project won a McGraw-Hill Gold Hard Hat award in 2006.

Riverdale Pool Clubhouse, Thornton, Colorado

HVAC and plumbing design for small community pool clubhouse.  Project construction is complete.  Typical of approximately five projects

Edible Arrangements – Brighton.

Mechanical and plumbing design for restaurant facility.  Project was a renovation in an existing building.

Yogurt Shop, Denver, Colorado.

Mechanical and plumbing design for downtown yogurt shop.  Pn123

Engineering Expert Witness Client, Denver, Colorado – Forensics Consultation – multiple projects

Field testing, code review, design analysis, and report writing for 16 single and multi-building projects (through 2011) to determine solution to space heating, cooling, water heating, and mechanical systems problems as sub-consultant to Expert Witness.

Mile High Center Chiller Optimization Study, Denver, Colorado

Evaluated options for optimization of central heating and cooling systems for downtown high-rise building.

Engineering Expert Witness Client, Denver, Colorado – Forensics Consultation

Field testing and design analysis for downtown Denver office building to resolve space pressurization and heating and cooling problems as sub-consultant to Expert Witness.

Teller County Jail Systems Investigation and Upgrade Design, Cripple Creek, Colorado

Investigation of control and ventilation systems;  design of upgrade of HVAC control, smoke pressurization, and fire alarm interface systems.  Pn096

Centennial Building System Investigation, Cripple Creek, Colorado

Investigation and analysis of heating, ventilation, and controls system to improve performance, troubleshoot system problems, and provide short and long-term recommendations.