Independent review of mechanical designs as a service to Owners, Architects and Commissioning Contractors looking for quality review from a second set of eyes; and to Engineers and Contractors interested in improving the completeness of the project and exploring additional concepts that may enhance the design.

Our focus is on helping the design team improve the quality, energy-efficiency, and sustainability of their design concept, documents, and the end result.  We can provide review of concepts, energy analyses, life-cycle analyses, engineering design calculations and load calculations, drawings, specifications, and site observations during construction.  Data-logging or assistance in analysis of the commissioner’s data collection results is available.

Review services available include review of documents required for LEED submittals, such as:

Commissioning Plan

Measurement and Verification Plan

Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)

Basis of Design (BOD)

Commissioning Design Review, Commissioning Submittal Review, and Systems Manual Review

Minimum Energy Performance documentation (ASHRAE 90.1) by design team

Documentation of energy performance

Thermal Comfort Survey Plan