Fairview High School Addition and Remodel

Mechanical design for the addition of an Instructional Materials Center (IMC) and an Auxiliary Gymnasium, plus converting the existing library into science classrooms and laboratories; rearranging and enlarging the existing science rooms; and converting a weight room into a women’s athletic locker room.  Specifications included detailed Commissioning requirements, which was performed by E-Cube, Inc.

Schematic design services included recommending and evaluating shading options for west-facing windows with a magnificent view to reduce the mechanical system loads and equipment sizes to bring the project into budget.

Provided a study and report to Public Service Company of Colorado which was used to obtain Demand-Side Management (DSM) funds from the utility and matching funds from the school district Energy Program for the substitution of Indirect-DX cooling for traditional DX cooling.

HVAC for the IMC and Science areas is VAV Indirect Evaporative cooling and DX second stage with VFD’s on the RTU fans.  The Auxiliary Gym is provided with Constant Volume Indirect Evaporative cooling.  IAQ dampers were used to maintain minimum outside air quantities as an IAQ feature.  The heat source is existing central boilers converted through heat exchangers to a glycol solution for the RTU coils.  Updated the school district standard commissioning specifications, and commissioning was performed by E-Cube, Inc.