Current and Local – A Test for Energy Sources provides a discussion of two simple tests to apply to proposals for “renewable energy” projects. In this case, T.Boone Pickens’ proposal for centralized wind and gas energy plants is used as an example.

Come to Greenbuild 2006 – A Step In The Green Direction is an essay by Michael D. Haughey, Greenbuild 2006 Host Committee Chair, written in July, 2006. It presents a case for accelerating our goals for carbon use reductions and presents a simple mathematical case for doing so.


Living Buildings

Living Buildings – The Human Analogy

An excerpt from presentations by Michael D. Haughey, P.E., to the Colorado Chapter of the US Green Building Council at the “Fall Greening Conference”, on September 23, 2003; and the keynote address to the Rocky Mountain Chapter of ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers) at their annual Technical Conference on September 25, 2004, and to other groups.  It is a subset of the concept of Integrated Design.

Global Warming (Climate Change)

Changes Afoot – Road Trip to Glacier is an “essay” about Michael’s 2007 summer vacation to see Glacier National Park before it becomes “The Park Formerly Known as Glacier”. We were just in time. The signs of climate change are everywhere

Mechanical Systems

Grow Op Cooling