Harvest House – Net Zero Energy Home Consultation

Mechanical consultation for a net-zero energy home in Boulder Colorado.  Systems consultation include ground-coupled “cool tube” for outside air pre-heat and pre-cooling, passive solar heat transfer from sun space to interior, and distribution of ventilation air from heat recovery to interior spaces.

Silvertip sized the “cool tubes” for pre-heating and pre-cooling ventilation air, adapting a technology from Germany.  Ground pre-heating achieved 38F into Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) during 4F outdoor conditions.  This prevented frost closure of the ERV as well as eliminating the need for a pre-heat ahead of the ERV.

We designed a system for transferring sun-heated air from the Sun Room to the mechanical system and distributing the heat throughout the home using small dimension ductwork.

This home is net-zero energy, producing more energy with solar collectors than is used from the utilities.